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Route information

Bike MS: TRAM Ride is a fully supported, week-long ride covering approximately 290 miles across Minnesota.

2014 route

Bike MS: TRAM Ride 2014 will take you on an exciting journey through the scenic, rolling countryside of southern Minnesota. Riders will check in Sunday, July 13, at Welch Village in Welch, Minn. and take a bus to the first overnight site and starting point in Pipestone, Minn. Then:

This year's TRAM route will offer you the chance to experience the picturesque beauty of southern Minnesota. The camaraderie and countryside has made this tour the ultimate Minnesota road trip for 25 years!

Route Map

Click here to download a PDF of the TRAM route.

Check out the routes in Google Maps:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4   Day 5

General information

TRAM is a fully supported event covering approximately 290 miles. Our staff and volunteers work diligently to make sure the event is fun for everyone. Every 10 to 15 miles, the Society provides rest stops with fruit, water, sport drinks and snacks. First aid personnel and bike mechanics are also available at each rest stop. In addition to maps you receive, the route is well marked with orange signs along roads and trails marking turns, intersections and general directions.

Monday through Friday, the route opens at 6:30 a.m. Riders may leave any time between 6:30 and 8 a.m. Please don't leave outside the time frame, as our rest stops are scheduled around the start time. If you start prior to 6:30 a.m., we can't guarantee you'll be supported by rest stops along the route. This becomes dangerous, especially since the weather can be unpredictably warm or stormy this time of year.

While we make every effort to ensure the safety of our riders, it's important to note that the road portions of the route are NOT closed to vehicular traffic. You must obey all traffic signs and laws while riding and share the road and trails with other bicycles and vehicles.

Route markings

Follow the orange arrows every pedal of the way. You’ll see our route signs at each turn and even on straightaways, so you know you didn’t make a wrong turn.

Rest stop information

Please ride fully into the rest stop area and dismount.

Make sure to move completely away from the rest stop entrance to allow other riders to enter safely.

When exiting, please keep to the right and move beyond the rest stop area before merging with faster riders.

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